[Song] Sufjan Stevens – Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)

The first few notes should sound familiar to any Sufjan obsessive — it sounds right out of his 2012 album Age of Adz. The long delayed echo, beats that seem to come from different corners of the room and simple keyboard presses to lay down a chord foundation aren’t just hallmarks of that album, but Sufjan’s approach to electronic composing. It sounds just like the intro to “I Walked,” or the first movement of “Impossible Soul.” What this tells us mostly is that despite the tightly zoomed in acoustic sound of Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan isn’t done with those sounds, hasn’t reached the saturation point that he did with Illinois. Of course, who knows when we’ll hear anything else for him.

Sufjan is on tour now for a string of east coast US dates before heading out to Europe. Deets here.

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