[Song] Pity Sex – What Might Soothe You?

“Soothe” is a good theme for Pity Sex. Despite their use of gravelly textured guitars and tight drumming, they’re a fuzz rock band that can calm you down. You can ride the slipstream of a Pity Sex song, no matter how turbulent or grizzled it gets. It’s a pop melody and noise thing. Behold the second half of “What Might Soothe You?” when female vocals and an acoustic rhythm guitar come in and really play to their strengths. It’s a moment free of weight, right before those fuzz guitars come back in, the darkness to the light. “Soothe” is just a bonus track to hype an upcoming single, but it may as well be the band’s anthem or prime cut. It’s all you need to know if you’re new.

The limited 7-inch of this single can be pre-ordered via Run For Cover Records. Their full length, White Hot Moon, is out in 2016.

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