[Song] Isaiah Rashad – Nelly

Struggling to make it and making it are powerful, durable, time honored, themes of hip hop that practically constitute a sub-sub-genre. I will never get tired hearing a fresh new take on the catharsis of, finally, at long last, reaching an undeniable level of success.

That said, Isaiah Rashad’s caution about being on top of the world is great too. Cautionary tales about fame usually revolve around the darkness of the lifestyle and the distrust of all these new hanger-ons around you, but Rashad’s newest focuses on the fickleness of fans. You can lose it all just as fast because we saw something new and shiny. It’s an appropriate bummer set to an extremely chill beat with silky rap melodies from the Tennessee rapper.

At this point I give anything with the TDE stamp a few listens, sight unseen. (I mean you don’t really need to see YouTube & SoundCloud embeds, but you know what I mean. I will gladly go into their offerings blind, is what I’m saying. I should’ve just said that.)

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