[Song] Jeff Rosenstock – I’m Serious, I’m Sorry

This song — this whole album, but this song in particular — will swallow you whole. Other phrases like “knock your socks off” seem weirdly inadequate at explaining the sensation of falling into the chorus, with its roaring tremor guitars and sudden Bane-venom muscularity. It is songs like this that remind you why DIY punk is so lively, urgent and vital.

Jeff Rosenstock is a Brooklyn-based musician and his 2015 album We Cool? sounds like it was ripped from Marc Maron’s podcast routine, and so does its subject matter. With song titles like “Beers Again Alone” and lyrics like “I got so tired of discussing my future / I’ve started to avoiding the people I love,” it recalls some of the earnest disgust of Titus Andronicus without the pretense of big statements about America and patriotism. It’s just down in the basement, populist discontent.

Rosenstock is also the founder of Quote Unquote Records, the “first ever donation based record label.” They’ve been giving away albums and asking you to pay what you want since before Radiohead & Tool decided they had plenty millions and they might try it out. It’s a truly brave stance, and I highly suggest paying for the album anyway here although you can just download it here. But, listen, you’re going to buy a cup of coffee today anyway, right? Switch to ice water just for today and you’ll be fine.

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