Love Ride 32 Brings the Foo Fighters This October


For over 30 years, Southern California has been the home of Love Ride, the world’s largest and longest-running singular day motorcycle charity event. Now in its twilight hour, Love Ride will commence its 32nd and final event on October 18, 2015. In support of the Wounded Warrior Project, Love Ride 32 will host activities in both Glendale and Castaic Lake, including a Harley Davidson ride to Castaic and a day festival with entertainment at the lake. For the final Love Ride, however, it may be quite possible the most momentous. Headlining the day of activities at Castaic Lake are Los Angeles’ own Foo Fighters, in what is sure to be the perfect send-off for Love Ride.

While motorcyclists are welcome to join fellow Harley Davidson riders in the trek to Castaic Lake from Glendale on Sunday morning, non-cyclists and those who wish to support Love Ride are encouraged to attend the activities at Castaic Lake. Sunday’s entertainment will include live music from the Foos, food trucks, and motorcycle exhibits, all the while raising funds and awareness about the Wounded Warrior Project. With camaraderie, great entertainment, and no doubt some celebrities gracious enough to give their time to the cause. With a clear mission, a great cause, and some killer entertainment booked, Love Ride 32 will not be an event to miss.

For any Angeleno looking to go to a show, it’s always a bonus when they can contribute to a worthwhile cause while doing so. However, when it’s coupled with a legendary – and genuinely charitable – band like Foo Fighters, it’s a clear win-win for everyone involved. Furthermore, it’s not often that the opportunity arises to see Foo Fighters in our neck of the woods at a venue that isn’t a stadium. Seeing Castaic Lake in the autumn is a must for any resident of the Greater Los Angeles area – not to mention when the lake is housing the wonderful folks of Love Ride. There are so many festivals in the area that seem to dispense with the artifice of standing for something other than profit – Love Ride is quite the opposite. If giving back to those who served our nation is your bag – and I’m sure it is – then look no further than seeing what will be a fantastic show on all accounts.

Tickets for the day festival at Castaic Lake are still on sale. Both motorcycles and cars are welcome to attend. The people behind Love Ride hope to make this final year the best yet, as have Dave Grohl and company. With a show promising a specially curated and star-studded list of guests to join Dave and the boys on stage, any fan of Foo Fighters or groundbreaking live rock music will want to attend.

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