[Song] Porcelain Raft – Half Awake

Porcelain Raft is Mauro Remiddi, an Italian-born, New York-based composer and songwriter. “Half Awake” is the title track from his most recent EP, and it’s kind of the best. I first heard of Porcelain Raft from the space-sound-sampling anthology, The Space Project, where he shared a track list with Beach House, The Antlers, Youth Lagoon, Spiritualized and more. His contribution, “Gloves,” kind of faded through me but “Half Awake” recaptured my interest.

The pace and gleam recalls the ballads of the 80s, buffed and polished for the SoundCloud age. Take out the guitar and flatten out the sounds and it might be a B-side from Erasure, right? Erasure has some dope songs. That aside, the thing about “Half Awake” that gets me is the dual sensation of floating and longing. It captures an tentative moment between action (“Should I come over?”), wrapped in desire (“Need to see you again,”) and set to a Beach House-esque glitter of guitars and breathy flourishes.

Half Awake is available now.

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