[Song] RKCB – Ignite


Dear RKCB,

You know, just when I thought you couldn’t take any longer to put out new music, you go ahead and you lay this track on us…

It’s hereIt’s here! It’s finally here! Ten months after releasing their beautiful single, “Elision“, RKCB has made good on their promise of delivering new music. Made up of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, the duo just dropped their newest r&b/soul-pop jam “Ignite,” and it is audibly delicious.

It contains what we’ve already become accustomed to: Casey’s soothing vocal melodies and falsettos, bringing his lovelorn lyrics to life, and the incredible production that could fill the emptiest of rooms. With a steady tempo, a theatrically impactful hook and a breaking solo, “Ignite” is an excellent musical thirst quencher and an exciting look into what we can expect next from the Los Angeles-based duo. Having recently played with the likes of Until The Ribbon Breaks and The Ceremonies, it is safe to assume that their next live show shouldn’t be missed. If you can’t tell by now, this writer is offensively STOKED for this new track and, as your attorney, recommends you hit the play button and just jam to it.

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  1. Dea says:

    Fook Yasssss! Been super uber ULTRA OBSESSEd with RKCB since seeing them earlier this year! Gahhhhh so excited for their next gig! ?❤️???

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