[Song] Youth Lagoon – The Knower

Trevor Powers is a startling, creative dude. With his third album incoming, it’s pretty clear that he’s morphed once again into something new. With his new single “The Knower,” (via NPR) it’s hard to remember that in 2011 this was a quiet kid that made fuzzy bedroom dream pop. He expanded, sure-footed and daringly, into some experimental, psychedelic stuff on his sophomore follow-up Wondrous Bughouse. This year will see Savage Hills Ballroom, and I no longer know what to expect other than something good.

“The Knower” takes the wall of sound theatrics of Wondrous Bughouse and applies his dynamic rhythm section and sampling from The Year of Hibernation. It’s a condemnation of lies we tell ourselves, a pessimistic weight that tells us Powers has the fire, even if it’s under the surface. It’s underneath silky trumpets and precise beats, but it’s there.

Savage Hills Ballroom is out September 25 via Fat Possum.

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