[Video] HITORIE – Talkie Dance


Damn, dude. There’s fast. There’s rock. There’s dancing. Then there’s this. Dance rock band HITORIE play reminiscently to Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party, except they play their instruments much harder and faster. Their new song, ‘Talkie Dance’, might be the only words you’ll understand from this video but one thing is for certain: music overcomes language any day. Press play and take it all in. I’m sure you’ll discover moves you didn’t know you had in your dance arsenal. Listening to this sitting down you’ll probably think the same thing as the tied up girl in the video: “I’m gonna flex and bust outta here”.

If you like what you’re hearing and want to hear more from these young fellas, check out HITORIE’s YouTube page. Do you suddenly find yourself on a Japanese music binge? We prescribe the equally infectious indigo la End, all girl band tricot, and Man With A Mission (they wear wolf heads and this song features Zebrahead. You read that right, Zebrahead).

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