[Song] cln – Left Behind


The next release I’m most excited about, from any artist, is the upcoming Found EP from Brisbane’s electronic artist Callan Alexander, better known as cln. I must admit that, when I first read his name, I thought it was pronounced “clean.” It made sense at the time because his production in his debut Sideways EP is so smooth and carefully orchestrated that I felt refreshed after every play. Each song on “Sideways blends what I perceive as electronic chill wave with upbeat hip hop tendencies, making it impossible to listen to sitting down.  After Sideways, cln released various remixes from artists like Odesza and Kilter that kept him rising on the Hype Machine charts.

Callan plans to release his new Found EP in July and has recently announced his first Australian tour. Last month he premiered the first single titled “Hold Me” and this week he shares another called “Left Behind.” We see a different side to cln in these tracks as he is starting to show us that, along with his incredible production skills, he can sing too. The slowed-down nature of “Hold Me” created a comparison to the likes of Chet Faker but “Left Behind” displays cln’s original style previously heard on the Sideways EP. Callan remains in touch with his roots but is beginning to explore new territories in his musical abilities, making the upcoming Found EP a very exciting project for audible consumption.

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