[Song] Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me

As we inch closer to the release of Son Lux’s new album Bones, Ryan Lott graces us with another single. Now a three piece, Son Lux doesn’t sound radically larger, but I’m sure creatively there’s a lot going on under the hood. There’s such a strange mix of moods in “You Don’t Know Me,” a blending of vibes that is hard to explain outside of “just listen to it.” Even then, that’s not enough. Every half minute is a new electric idea, and it’s not until a few spins that you can even form a whole zoomed out picture. Every element has its queue in this strange choreography — a shrill violin, then a groovy bass, then a punctual tuba. It’s something to watch and dissect.

I remember listening to his debut, At War With Walls and Mazes, and thinking he was making beautiful music in a narrow range. That range has, over the years, been busted wide open and incorporating 5th dimension stuff. Bravo.

Can I also just mention that Son Lux merges aesthetics with his music about just as well as anyone? Him & Scott Hansen of Tycho. When those guys make album covers or tour posters, I sit up and gaze.

Bones is out June 23 via Glassnote.

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