[Live] Vaadat Charigim at the Echo 05.13.15


In support of their sophomore Tel-Aviv inspired album, Israeli shoegaze phenoms Vadaat Chagirim mounted a wall of noise at The Echo Wednesday night. Dispelling any myths that sludgy reverb belongs solely to the Western persuasion, Vadaat met unbelievers with a multitude of cosmically gritty soundscapes, most notably with songs from their latest record Sinking As A Stone.

Greeting a glum crowd of stringy-haired twenty-somethings, Vadaat confirmed that they were, as the opening band had said, from Tel Aviv. Dispelling with any artifice of warm greetings the band immediately broke in to a barrage of sound that seemingly never ended. Playing in a similar one of their records, there was a greatly appreciated lack of segmentation. Similar to being bowled over by a face-melting Mascis show, there was a distinct intenseness to the night. Vadaat allowed everyone to roll with it, but within an existence of the sonic textures emanating from the stage. Trance-like, it’s difficult to characterize in precise enough terms.

Though opening for headliner Froth, Vadaat may as well have stolen the show. The constant barrage of sound harangued enough of the older crowd out the door, proving infinite value. As is the case with the majority of the bands in Vaadat’s camp, it’s hard to recognize whether or not they realize they’re present as they appear so into their craft – the chance to see practitioners of noise so solely focused on their music rather than antics or gawking about is well worth a trip out to whatever smaller venue is smart enough to host them.

I’m not quite one for semantics, though in this case I think perhaps post-rock is more applicable than shoegaze. That’s not to say that the trio of Vadaat wasn’t loud or fuzzy enough, rather the material from Sinking is more oriented to a Sigur Ros persuasion. It’s a good fit, not matter how solid the first record has proven to be.

The show at The Echo marks the band’s first major tour in the States, and it certainly won’t be their last. The next time around make a point to see Vaadat Chagirim. It’s scratch well spent.

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