[Video] Killer Mike – Ric Flair

Who says you can’t release a music video 4 years after a song’s official release?

North Carolina wrestling legend Ric Flair is a common rap role model — just ask Pusha T — but part of that is that Ric Flair is possibly one of America’s best pop culture characters (bear with me on this.) It’s not just that he was rich, possessed gaudy 70’s style and was unapologetic about it. If it were, they’d rep Ted DiBiase just as much. DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man, was purely about having money. He put diamond dollar signs on the lapel of a tuxedo jacket. The Million Dollar Man was a cartoon. Ric Flair was absurd.

Absurd, meaning, wildly unreasonable and incomprehensible. Flair is unbelievable self-confidence, swagger and undeniable fame and talent. Which is one of the things rap does best! Even in his 1970s prime Flair looked to be about a hundred years old, which made his feathery robes and epic entrance seem all the more audacious.

Anyway. Happy birthday Killer Mike.

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