[Video] Mitski – Townie

Mitski has been an Artist To Been Watching since last year with the wonderfully titled Bury Me at Makeout Creek. Don Giovanni Records wants a do-over with a wider, more buzzed about re-release, so they made it a deluxe re-issue a couple of weeks ago. And that’s great! It gave us 4 bonus tracks and this snazzy video for “Townie.”

Mostly this is a joyful video full of great iconography and illustration. It’s purely fun to watch. If you’re a fan of alt comics of any kind, whether it’s Adrian Tomine’s slice of life stuff or even Love & Rockets, you’ll find a familiar mood to the art here. Little details, like a drip on a can or an AIM log-in box suddenly feel like important icons of life when drawn with a skilled pen. It’s one of those rare indie rock videos that really stands out in a sea of people trying to stand out.

The deluxe re-issue of Bury Me at Makeout Creek is out now via Don Giovanni.

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