[Song] A Sunny Day in Glasgow – In Love With Useless

This is one of those days where none of the day’s news seems to have burning urgency in my mind, where something is not being fought to be said, so whatever! I’ll write about older music I like!

“In Love With Useless,” or as it is known in full, “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)” is from the endlessly interesting 2014 album, Sea When Absent from A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Despite their name setting you up for some Belle & Sebastian-style softness, this is a Philadelphia shoegaze outfit, and their influences are obvious: some My Bloody Valentine sound wall, some of intangible chillwave nostalgia, some indie rock jamming. It even brings to mind the sounds of their contemporaries; imagine if Sleigh Bells spliced in 90’s alt-rock guitar riffs instead of metal riffs.

This song in particular is special. It’s as if it’s trying to blow out your speakers, but instead your speakers explode in silver confetti. It’s got some weird noise-glitch editing, voices coming from every direction, half lo-fi and half cutting edge futurism. It seems to be a multi-sensory experience. In the right settings, it can tickle more than just your ears. What a sound, and what a day to remember it.

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