Hump Day Treats! 03.18.15


It’s the middle of the week and you’re probably regretting all those green beers you had last night. Never fret, for this hump day brings a playlist of free downloads to soothe that raging headache.

A few notable tracks on this week’s list are Strehlow and Dehku’s collab on “Locust”. It sounds like you’re trapped in a Japanese bonsai garden and there’s an entire brass section greeting you at every turn. Horns not your thing? Then skip over to Rhythm Scholar’s remix of Stetsasonic’s “Talkin’ All That Jazz”, strings and keys sit at the forefront of this upbeat treat. Have you heard of KNDL? Allow “Dat Nu Nu” to be your introduction to this mix master, incorporating wavy synths and dreamy beats, dat nu nu will leave you asking for more.

Looking for a hood banger? Listen to Dorrough and Riff Raff’s “Drive Reckless”. Perhaps we could call this a follow up to “Ice Cream Paint Job”? Riff Raff doesn’t disappoint showcasing his eloquence, “They thought I was a dentist by the way I floss/Texas, pink diamonds, hot sauce”. Colleges should require a course on Riff Raff’s vernacular, it’ll help weed out the versace ballers from the pucci wearing wannabes. Soon as Thewz started spittin’ in “Walk That Talk” I was vibin’, then Dr. Fresch drops you into this melodic trance, knockin’ your head to every kick drum. Vibe out to Asaiah Ziv‘s (formerly known as KIDD) “Ziv?”, an introspective and thought provoking heavy hitter with his soul-hugging flow.

There’s something for everybody in this week’s treats with a killer track featuring AObeats, Jai Wolf, Manila Killa and Mark Johns on vocals. All those heavy hitters on one song? Get “Diamonds for Breakfast” while it’s still free! Don’t miss starRo’s “Sweet Lies of Sweet Love” off SOULECTION’s “Love is King” compilation. A collection of tracks paying homage to the lovely Sade, pro tip – their entire discography is up for grabs because they just reached 200k followers on soundcloud. Looks like luck is on your side on this hump day, cheers!

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