[Video] Blur – Go Away

There’s something refreshing about artists like Damon Albarn. That is to say, Albarn is among those alternative tastemakers who seem to go away with no hint of impending return only to deliver some killer output from several facets of their illustrious career. After reuniting with Blur at Coachella in 2013 and releasing a commendable solo career last summer, Albarn is slowly but surely returning to the fray.
Last week Blur dropped the single “Go Out” with no recognizable onus other than to announce his long-awaited return. Playing like cutting-room floor track from Think Tank, “Go Out” isn’t necessarily the most impressive of rebukes to Albarn’s absence, but it’s most definitely welcomed. It’s tough to ask for much outside of the brit-rock formula that made Blur such a tour de force in the wake of the British Invasion Part 3. Then again, Albarn seems to always play it coy when it comes to stepping back into the limelight.

“Go Out” appears on Bur’s forthcoming album The Magic Whip, slated for an April release. The single notably marks a return with guitarist Graham Coxon, the first project he has appeared on since 1999.

It seems “Go Out” serves as a return in sound to the 90’s chart-topping madness that many bands either expired with or can no longer achieve – though Albarn seems wily enough to pull it off.

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