Kanye Approved – Vic Mensa + Fetty Wap

Kanye West is many things, but at his core he is a music freak always looking for the next big sound. Kanye’s head seems to be in world of pop-trap right now with the two artists he’s recently been showing public love, Vic Mensa and Fetty Wap.

Vic Mensa is a Chicago product that’s got a strong pop sensibility. His former band, Kids These Days, are a straight rock/blues band and he seems in perfect position to blend the worlds of underground hip-hop and high-art performance, as seen on SNL 40.

His single, “Down On My Luck,” has a driving beat layered in synths with him flowing effortlessly in his soft singing voice. It’s a club banger that’s self-concious, all the more evident in the fantastic video :


Fetty Wap recently came out with Kanye at a performance in NYC to perform his single from last year, “Trap Queen.” Fetty is an interesting character. Skinny, covered in tats and blind in his left eye, his unlikely rise to prominence makes sense when you hear his music. With stamps of approval from people like Funkmaster Flex and Rihanna, look for Fetty Wap to start appearing on a lot more tracks this year.

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