[Video] Joey Bada$$ – Like Me

Here’s one thing I like about our blog: because we don’t and can’t post every single thing that happens in music, we can focus on smaller things if we want to. Like, by now you probably know that Drake surprise-dropped an album, as people are wont to do these days. So we don’t need to talk about it! It’s everywhere.

Maybe you’re keen enough to already know about this Joey Bada$$ video, but it sure as hell is more interesting to write and think about than rush opinions of a mixtape on iTunes. In this beautifully shot video, Joey Badass gives us a tragic, violent film. If you didn’t read any of the explanations, it’s an unpredictable video. When it comes to videos analyzing black death, it’s not as resonant as FlyLo’s video last year, but you can’t begrudge the relief of something this heavy.

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