[Song] TORRES – Strange Hellos

If you’re like me, the first few seconds of this song you’ll be thinking “this is a risky single.” Not just because of the Chunk. Chunk. Chunk. of the guitar, but because it’s tense and uncomfortable. Brain disease and a painful indifference isn’t a typical easy access point, you know?

But then the song kicks in and I realize, oh wow, this rocks. Its position as the lead single for TORRES’ new album is as simple as that. My favorite Torres song, “When Winter’s Over,” benefitted from that great alt-rock exhale, but “Strange Hellos” is a whole new level altogether. There’s a black-winged wickedness to it, especially and you can feel a snowballing wrath in the mid-song crescendo. I didn’t know she could punish & destroy like this. It’s fantastic.

Sprinter comes out May 5, 2015 via Partisan Records

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