LA Zoo is Lit Up Right This Holiday Season


From Nov. 28 through Jan. 4 (except Christmas Eve and Christmas day) people of Los Angeles have the opportunity to see the LA Zoo lit up from its botanical garden space to where creatures are kept. Spoiler alert: the animals will be sleeping, or at least trying to, when you’re traipsing around the magically-lit land.

Make it a new holiday tradition with comrades or kids, as you don’t want to miss one of the most enchanting experiences the city has to offer. Stop by and be introduced to the zoo’s reindeer, then stumble upon the illuminated displays of zoo favorites, such as Reggie the alligator, pink flamingos, an origami rhino, and elephants with projection that will make you stop in your tracks and at least stick around for a good ten minutes.

Santa Claus visits every weekend on a throne of ice (or so it seems because get real, this is LA), hot chocolate is served from open to close, 6 to 10 p.m. There are many other key features that make the LA Zoo timeless, especially this time of year, including the Hollywood sign and downtown skyline.

Don’t miss the lights or forget that jacket on your way out because winter is apparently here to stay – for a bit – in LA. For more information, visit the LA Zoo website.


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