[Song] Waylon Jennings – Sunday Mornin’, Comin’ Down

Old folk and country has a character to it that can’t be replicated by young beardos in suspenders. This recently unearthed Waylon Jennings recording is a good example of that. Maybe you’ve heard this song being played by Johnny Cash or Ray Stevens, but this version is suitably grizzled and a little bit rock & roll. You only need an affection for non-belabored prose to get it. Lines like “There’s nothing short of dying that’s half as lonesome as the sound / of a sleeping city sidewalk and Sunday morning, comin’ down” are eternal in their ache.

This comes to use from the Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive Louisiana Man, Kentucky Woman, which is limited to 1500 copies of 70’s era Waylon Jennings. That means it’s out today. Find a store here.

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