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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, when you and your liked ones gather around a table and generally feel grateful for things. But that’s tomorrow. I propose that today, Thanksgiving Eve, should be dedicated to want, desire, and greed. In celebration of this, these are the albums we are waiting on in the coming year. We live in an age where instant surprise release is not only possible, but sometimes preferable, so who knows when any of these big drops will actually drop? There’s still a month left in 2014 to leave a mark.

Here’s what we’re expecting and what stage we think they’re in.

Doing Stretches

Bands that haven’t started recording per se, but they’re writing songs and letting media know the work is about to begin.

  • The xx
    We know they’re recording handclaps in wide open rooms, so at the very least they’re working. At what point in the recording process do you work on your claps? That’s the “still fucking around seeing what works” stage, right? It’s hard to believe their debut album was a full 5 years ago, but it still looms large over everything they put out.
  • Tame Impala
    They’re in a position as “buzz band looking to capitalize,” and recently made a comment that their new album will be “less rock and more electronic,” which could go either way. This is it! This is where we find out what they’re made of! It might be the sophomore slump overreach or the crowning of a new musical auteur. I’m excited.

Betting On Clockwork

Bands that have a reliable release pattern, and according to that history, it should be around now.

  • Beach House
    They’re at the tail end of what feels like a never ending tour for 2012’s Bloom. If they’re nuts, they’re thinking about what their fifth album is going to be and the gears are in motion. If they’re regular humans, they’ll probably want to take a year or so off to just rest their bones.
  • Hot Chip
    There was a time where Hot Chip albums were every other year and it felt like they never really left. And the music was great! This is my first time experiencing what it’s like to miss Hot Chip, and I don’t like it, no sir.
  • Dirty Projectors
    If they want to make Jay Z’s next slate of Made in America festivals, now’s the season to follow up Swing Lo Magellan, I think.


We know they have something, they’re just sitting on these eggs like mother hens and it’s driving us nuts.

  • Kanye West
    Kanye allegedly played the album for a listening party in Paris. That was almost 2 months ago. I think he’s just mad at us and is waiting for us to earn the new album, and I have to say, I’m disappointed in all of you.
  • Kendrick Lamar
    In a display of perfectionism, Kendrick says he’s only got seven or so songs locked down for the new album and the rest he doesn’t really like. We know he also has dibs on like 30 Flying Lotus beats. I know that I haven’t listened to “i” since the day it debuted and when they cut it up for NBA outros it’s basically just the Isley Brothers. We don’t know when the album will come out, but we’ll be happy when he’s happy.

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