WTF Wednesdays #5


After a lengthy hiatus, WTF Wednesdays returns with an extra dose of weirdness to get you through the week. Feast your eyes on this latest curation of curious content.

1. Doprah – Stranger People

This video is more terrifying to me than any of the others on this list. But that’s just my opinion…

2. EPROM – Center Of The Sun

Take a journey into cyberspace via EPROM’s video for the menacing, mechanical onslaught on “Center Of The Sun”.

3. The Kokoro – Broken

I am both aurally and visually confused by what is happening here.

4. Tiga – Bugatti

In love with this song right now. Like I want to ask it out, date it for many years, marry it, and then have babies with it. We’ll drive around in a certain French luxury automobile while it plays forever. Yeah, you could say things are getting pretty serious. As for the video, this must be what life is like when you have dementia.

5. Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar

Last but not least, we have the video for Maceo Plex’s “Conjure Superstar”. Probably the most fucked up of all of these, and that’s really saying something. Gets a little creepy at the end, but it might be nice for those who can’t accept that Halloween is over now. Brace yourself.


Calvin Harris – Slow Acid

I don’t usually post pop music videos, but this one was too good not to. As the title suggests, the track provides a slowly churning, squelching audio acid house backdrop to some faint semblance of a narrative played out by this Mystique like creature. Shoutout to the X-men they’re the real MVP.

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