Aphex Swift is the Eye of Madness

When I first read that someone had mashed up Taylor Swift & Aphex Twin, I laughed, because this is obviously some inspired work of fuckery. Someone just wants to mess with some self-serious Aphex Twin fans, I assume, so he paired him with the least Aphexian artist possible.

But that’s not the case! The bold David Rees argues that the two have some key themes in common, and to listen to his mash up, it does not appear he is wrong. It’s all kind of fucked up & weird how well some of these fit, especially Aphex Twin’s more pretty melodic stuff like “Flim.”

It’s fucking me up. It’s shaking the foundation of things I had believed.

“You Believe in Avril” alone is interesting, the way he chops up that now-iconic melody to fit the notes of “You Belong with Me.” It slowly regains its familiar shape after a verse and it’s like a magic trick. I’m left wondering what happened and when the switch was made. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Girl/Boy Song” barely need any adjustment to fit like puzzle pieces, which begs the question, why do these fit together so well? How long have these two songs been one half of a heart locket?

Truly, David Rees is a genius the way a mad scientist who creates Frankenstein is a genius. I await his inevitable Ty Segall/One Direction mash up.

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