The End of Scarcity #4: Feist


In the age of digital streaming music, entire discographies are at your fingertips but the concept of the rarity is on its last legs. The End of Scarcity is a feature that attempts to spotlight the deep cuts from big names that can’t be found on Spotify or bought on iTunes. Demos, B-Sides, Covers, whatever — things that require a close searching. Today: Leslie Feist.

When you stumble upon the demo version of a song, you normally expect it to be stripped back and minimalist. Maybe the artist was recording it as a testing ground, a way to see how some melodies and chords feel as part of a whole. The interesting thing with Feist’s early vision for “Intuition” is that it features more of a full band sound than what ended up on 2007’s The Reminder.

Arguably the lo-fi, barely-there version is more gut-wrenching and powerful. The “Did I / Did I” response on the final version seems necessary. But when you’ve grown to memorize the kinks and details of the song, hearing this heart-heavy, slowcore electric guitar ballad gives it new life.

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