[Live] Fool’s Gold Day Off LA 10.12.14

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Fool’s Gold Records plays host to a massive day party that spans from the Canadian border in Toronto to the dirty south in Atlanta. Fool’s Gold Day Off in Los Angeles came alive this past Sunday at the Shrine Expo Hall and Grounds with enough surprise performances that made their recent ticket requirement totally worth it.

The festival took place in the outskirts of the Shrine and was a wise choice due to the echoing sound system that sometimes gets lost inside. Plus, there was enough sun out to light up the crowd filled with bucket hats and baggy shirts that resembled Hey Arnold’s skirt. 1

I entered the scene shortly after Invisibl Skratch Piklz left the stage and man, was I pissed. Not only did I miss out on an epic set led by the original turntablists that started their own movement but the windows on my hoopdee wouldn’t close! It’s a weak excuse but the events that followed made up for my lack of time management.

gLAdiator got the crowd so hyphy I lost the lens cap to my camera but I was so into their set I forgot to care. The duo were bringing this Foster the People remix to life with their stage presence.

Travi$ Scott was up next and he yelled at the security guards telling them to “get the fuck away from me”. This rant led into a stage dive causing every person in attendance to get really buck. Scott brought out his label mate from G.O.O.D. Music that left me completely shocked, Big Sean proceeded with the new banger “I Don’t Fuck With You (IDFWU)”. At this point, I was kicked out of the photo pit but proceeded to mosh within the crowd because fuck it, right?

If there’s one DJ out today that has set himself apart from the rest it’s A-Trak and you haven’t really lived till you’ve seen him scratch. Hopping atop the DJ booth he squats down to the turntables and effortlessly manipulates the sounds blaring through the speakers. He doesn’t miss a beat all the while staring out at the crowd, silencing a balls out dance party as they watch in awe over his performance.

Another noteworthy member of the line up belongs to Vic Mensa who proceeded to use just about every inch of the stage. He skipped from speaker to speaker like they were boulders on a lake resulting in another stage dive. He continued to rap as he was carried above the sea of people, never faulting over a lyric.

The hostess with the mostest, A-Trak, got on the mic to announce another surprise performer – bringing out Fredo Santana to the stage. It’s hard to believe that Santana hasn’t reached 25 yet with talent that matches and exceeds that of his predecessors.

Closing out the night was the Bruiser General, Danny Brown, shutting down the entire concert in a frenzy he created all on his own. “Smokin & Drinkin” caused a procession of smoke clouds to converge into a dense fog that settled atop the crowd. Setting himself apart from any other rapper out right now, Danny Brown is an artist that you really can’t miss. His animated speech causes one to glue their ears to the speakers because it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. The words seem to trickle off his tongue and hang in the air – just like the cloud of smoke that lingered above me.

1It’s actually a baggy flannel shirt but I didn’t know till just recently. Mind. Blown.

Tamara studies Journalism at Cal State Northridge but she doesn’t pay too much attention because her brain wanders towards the chords of Vampire Weekend songs, the identity of John Snow’s parents and costco pizza. She blogs here and tweets @tafreaky.

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