[Song] Ramesh – The King


Bandcamp is one of the greatest music services the internet has ever wrought. Other than an easy and beneficial way for small bands to open up a storefront, it’s also a handy resource for discovering new music. In Bandcamp Notables, we engage in the time-honored blogging practice of spotlighting songs we found while exploring the site.

Ramesh Srivastava is the former frontman of Voxtrot, a band that is sometimes remembered for exemplifying the benefits and ills of the indie music blogosphere & internet hype machine. First we raised them on their shoulders, and then their album came out, and then people set them gently down next to Black Kids and moved on. It was unfortunate.

I was never disappointed by Voxtrot (well, okay, “Trepanation Party” lost me a little bit) but this is not the time to win an imaginary argument. Since the dissolution of the band, Ramesh has been recording music under his own name. On the title track, “The King,” he writes from a softer space with a barely-there breathiness. It’s almost whispered, but it’s got love so big it can’t be tuned out. I hope he hasn’t soured on The Biz.

If piano ballads aren’t your thing, try the more cyclical, indie-rocking “Youth Trip” on for size.

IF YOU LIKE: Voxtrot, Something Corporate, The Cure

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