[Video] The Bug – Function / Void

Ninja Tune collaborated with The Creators Project to bring this stimulating feat set to the beats of The Bug. It’s more than a music video and don’t call it one because the visuals alone will make you click replay. A stunning mini movie if you will that breaks through the mold of any run of the mill video.

Directed by Factory Fifteen this short manages to warp you into a world nearing its destruction – and that’s only in the first minute. Just as the red marker inches closer to the other end of your screen – the world in this story is inching towards its end.

“Function” is the soundtrack to the mundane routines of the lead character’s life. The Bug’s chilling lyrics matches the motions of the inhabitants within the story and his ferocious angst crescendos in sync to the mental break down of our protagonist. The entire population follows suit and appears to be going through the same motions day after day. Their world is falling apart all around them but they pay no attention. As “Void” begins to play, our protagonist is set free from the vapid protocols of life but for him – it’s too late. The eery production of this track marks the beginning to the end. It leaves you with feelings of emptiness – a true void. Get lost in this production – it’s worth the ride.

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