The End of Scarcity #2: Arcade Fire

In the age of digital streaming music, entire discographies are at your fingertips but the concept of the rarity is on its last legs. The End of Scarcity is a feature that attempts to spotlight the deep cuts from big names that can’t be found on Spotify or bought on iTunes. Demos, B-Sides, Covers, whatever — things that require a close searching. Today: Arcade Fire.

Arcade Fire – My Mind is a Freeway

If you’ve been reading the many retrospective thinkpieces commemorating the 10 year anniversary of Arcade Fire’s Funeral, you’ll know they’ve been touted as The Next Big Thing ever since their introduction. How did all of that happen? Part of it was the promise of their live shows, and part of it was a collection of demos recorded in 2001.

“My Mind is a Freeway” is barely born Arcade Fire, all folksy and intimate, and you can almost hear the underlying ambition that would soon make them genre kings. It is raw and laid bare, but still unmistakably Arcade Fire, albeit a version of them that can never exist again.

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