[Song] Running in the Fog – $ign$

There’s this quote by the iconic novelist Haruki Murakami about running as a hobby: “I just run. I run in void. Or maybe I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void.” Even as a barely mobile worthless blogger, I get that, and I understand that otherworldly feeling of exhausting your mind & body in constant forward motion.

Running in the Fog is a bay area singer in the vein of Jessie Ware & Quadron, but a key difference is that feeling of acquiring a void. Her new song, “$igns$,” is indicative of that — it’s drifting, relentlessly forward moving, and it sounds like the night. Basically, an apt name. “$ign$” comes to us from Dot‘s all-female record label, Unspeakable Records, at a time when Running in the Fog is on the rise.

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