[Song] Octave Minds – Tap Dance (Ft. Chance the Rapper)

Octave Minds is the new collaboration between pianist and frequent Feist musician Chilly Gonzales and electronic composer Boys Noize. On “Tap Dance,” they bring in Chance the Rapper and his backing band, The Social Experiment, to give some voice to the proceedings. Interesting melting pot of artists, yeah?

Everyone gets some time to shine here in this grandiose, sweeping piece, with Chance doing some fun things with syncopation and cadence while letting the actual “tap dance” chorus stretch and breathe. He personifies two feet in a tap dance, the 1 and the 2, imbuing them with bigger ideas. Everyone is very clever on it.

Listen to the advance stream on Dazed Digital before the September 15 release on Boysnoize Records.

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