Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will rise again this October!

After Labor Day has come and gone, people finally have the chance to welcome Halloween without receiving overcritical glances. Los Angeles happens to be one of the cities to go all out during the months of September and October, and now it’s begun to drag until the first week of November. One of the popular spots takes form in Long Beach on the site of a very popular ship you may have heard of – Queen Mary.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor makes waves starting October 2 through November 2 and will be unveiling two brand new mazes this season – Soulmate and B340. Soulmate centers on the belle of The Queen Mary in the 1930s, Graceful Gale, whose looks are deceiving as she now haunts the ship to lure suitors – and there’s a catch, there’s always a catch. B340, on the other hand, is a maze focused on the story of Samuel the Savage, a third class passenger on a 1948 Atlantic voyage who was locked away in room (you guessed it!) B340 after a violent outburst. His body was found ripped to pieces after serving a few hours, and ’til this day no one knew how the man had been driven insane… but guests will soon find out!

In addition to these and more mazes, the walk throughout the park alone opens doors to many encounters with interesting characters you would not meet elsewhere – a fan favorite here is the Ringmaster. Hauntings begin October 2 and this year at Queen Mary shouldn’t be one to miss, whether on deck or ship.

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