[Song] Deafheaven – From the Kettle Onto the Coil


I am always enamored with crossover bands like Deafheaven. They help me understand a genre that I didn’t previously identify with and, if all goes well, it is the gateway that leads into their wider world. While I am not yet a metalhead of any sort, listening to Sunbather and watching them tear it up at both Bonnaroo and FYF Fest really helped me appreciate what steely, rapid fire metal musicianship can do for the soul. Deafheaven is a rosetta stone for lily-livered boys like me.

“From the Kettle Onto the Coil” is part of Adult Swim’s Singles series, which previously made an appearance in our coverage of Captain Murphy’s origin & new song. They’re pulling in some great names. “Coil” is all grand sweeping movements, violent eruptions, sky-cracking growls and gorgeous, endless guitars. That last minute or so is pure “holy shit” awe.

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