[Video] Miranda July’s Somebody App

Miranda July is a whimsical and weird writer and film maker that I, in all my hipster tweedom, support. These days though, July has been mostly engaging in strange technological projects: e-mail lists where celebrities share private e-mails based on a topic, automated online fortune telling and, now, an app. A messaging app, where you type a message, attach emotions & actions, and send it to another friend to perform to the intended target. It’s called Somebody, and it’s available for iPhones.

It’s hard to explain; watch the video. Obviously this is more of a toy and a playful idea than a revolution in messaging (UNLESS WE MAKE IT SO) but I find the skits, despite their cheesiness, endearing. I like the idea of the app that makes saying the hard things easier, whether they be break ups or proposals or apologies. It’s a fun take on the well-worn complaint about the human disconnect with our phones. I certainly like it better than Next.

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