[Song] Shiloh – Came Across

You know what this song reminds me of? All that finger-snapping, acapella R&B populated by Boyz II Men also-rans that dominated the 1990s. That’s not what Shiloh’s “Came Across” sounds like, not really, that’s just the memory it triggers in my sleep deprived, addlepated brain.

Whatever it does for you, that’s a killer falsetto, the kind that makes you jealous even if you never think of yourself as a singer. It’s like a weapon. It makes you wonder what you would do if you had possession of one. You would slay with that thing.

Metaphors aside, Shiloh is a collaboration between JJ Draper of Arbour and producer Daktyl. Their 5-track EP, Venus Sway, is out now via Cosmonostro.

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