[Video] FaltyDL – Heart & Soul

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FaltyDL, the electronic maven, just released a new music video for the track “Heart & Soul” off his upcoming album In the Wild. In collaboration with British artist Chris Shen the video features FaltyDL performing alone at a London nightclub. It’s a dark, heavy track serving as the focus in this visually hypnotizing art piece. CLosing out with a haunting, phantom-like blend of sounds leaves me wondering what FaltyDL will come up with next.

If you enjoyed this video then be sure to check out “Greater Antilles Part 2” released on Pornhub – it’s totally safe for work but the website definitely isn’t, read my piece on it here.

The videos are part of an experiment exploring the reproduction effects of audio/visual pieces. Anyone can participate by visiting the site to record the latest uploaded video from the timeline with their own device. Upload your recording so you can tell all your friends you participated in a live art installation. The videos are best viewed in full screen but be warned that you could possibly get lost in a music video vortex.

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