[Video] Son Lux – Lanterns Lit


I’m a big booster of Son Lux; I named his most recent album, Lanterns, one of the best of 2013. Now, one of the songs from that album, “Lanterns Lit,” has a gorgeous and stirring new music video.

The song itself is a slow walk through sacred air, building to a ringing, but brief, climax. It’s a perfect candidate for this kind of art film approach, full of beautiful imagery of children in the developing world. My genetics pulls me to think that at least one of these shots in the Philippines but really it could be anywhere in Southeast Asia. I’m sure one of them is Cambodia. There’s something about these natural landscapes that looks almost alien to western eyes — solitary trees before a stillwater pond, skinny trunks jutting out of the ground like alien crops — and it just makes the whole thing worth watching.

The video by SJ Finlay was made possible by travels with Hope for the Nations, a world-spanning non-profit.

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