[Review] Astronomyy – There For U EP


UK based newcomer astronomyy just released an EP titled “There For U” on his website complete with a viewer controlled visualizer. Click “launch” to begin an odyssey through space orchestrated by the breakthrough artist. Swipe your mouse across the screen, I dare you.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the kaleidoscopic images from space once you discover the power to control these colorful nebulas. If you’re lucky a magical portal will appear with the words: “WIN” click before it disappears for a chance to snag a vinyl copy of the EP signed by astronomyy.

At the foreground of this visually stimulating project are the four songs on the EP. The title track opens with the soft vocalizations of astronomyy’s one-man show and transitions smoothly into a funky breakbeat.

“Nothin On My Mind” takes over the listener with its hypnotic guitar riffs tuned perfectly to astronomyy’s voice. The next track, “U Make Me Feel Good”, will have you feeling some type of way. Combining electronic bass heavy beats with multiple instruments is a sure fire way to get a crowd to their feet. Vibe out to “Pack of Wolves”, a true showcase of astronomyy’s vocal prowess complete with an exceptionally smooth guitar solo.

The EP is just a small fraction of astronomyy’s talents and after this remarkable debut I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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