Humpday Treats! 07.23.14

Summer playlist looking a little dull? Tired of hearing Calvin Harris’ “Summer” on the radio and that one guy talk about his rude girlfriend, or whatever. Then look no further than down below for a healthy serving of legally free downloads. Humpday never looked better.

1. “Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)” – Seekae

Anything that Flume touches turns into musical gold, case in point: this re-work originally released by Seekae.

2. “Kisser” – Step Rockets

A psychedelic symphony complete with an electric guitar solo and lead vocals reminiscent of the Tune-Yards make for a sure fire summer anthem.

3. “They Say (cln Remix)” – Kilter

Enjoy this track at your next pool party and witness the slow progression of hips rocking to this steady build of pure danceable joy.

4. “Champions” – Sleepy Tom

This song opens up as if Sleepy Tom is waking up from a Nyquil-filled night and bursts into a rage infused head knocker.

5. “The Way (ft. Molly)” – Madeaux

Molly’s soothing vocals at the forefront of this brilliantly produced track by Madeaux takes you on an odyssey through space but be sure to touch back down on Earth – it’s only a few days till the weekend.

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