Humpday Treats! 07.09.14

“What a glorious Wednesday!” said no one ever but don’t worry Humpday Treats are here to make your Wednesday a little more bearable. Free music with a tinge of 90s nostalgia can all be found below, enjoy!

1. “Diamond Back Anthem” – Quinn Kyle

Quinn Kyle’s mixing skills are showcased in this instrumentally dense hip hop anthem. Switching from ambient to a bass heavy flow effortlessly is a task only Kyle could produce.

2. “10.Deep” – DJ Smokey

Once I heard the opening line: “Kush aliens are invading the world,” I was instantly hooked.

3. “All She Wants (SNBRN X KLATCH Remix)” – Ace of Base

Combining a 90s club anthem and re-work efforts by SNBRN and KLATCH makes for an instantaneous hit. Sure to have you moving your feet under your computer desk be sure to get this track while it’s still free!

4. “Be Like You” – Linden Jay

A hypnotic beat instantly captures your attention and Sam Frank’s words: “Everyone out there wants to be like you,” makes this song a new part of my morning rituals. Mirror mantras anybody?

5. “Love Never Felt So Good (DJ Rich Remix) – Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake

This song has so many feels. You are crazy if the sweet harmonies of Michael Jackson AND Justin Timberlake doesn’t put a smile on your face. DJ Rich skillfully mixed the song to create a dance anthem that will keep you on your feet.

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  1. Sean says:

    I let my friend borrow my Ace of Base CD when I was 7 years old. Still hasn’t returned it. #neversharingagain

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