WTF Wednesdays #4

What’s good everybody? Taylor Barnes back again with some wacky, weird, WTF stuff to get you through your weekly slump on hump day.

1. Pixelord – Anorak

Pixelord, among artists like DZA and 813, is one of Russia’s finest video game influenced future bass producers. This video is for “Anorak”, a cut off his latest EP Portal, is reminiscent of the seapunk animation style popularized by producer Jerome LOL. Although these styles share similarities, Pixelord’s animation is markedly more futuristic and cleaner than Jerome LOL’s late 90’s pastiche of animal animations. The content for this video was curated through Pixelord’s tumblr which can be found here: I hope you enjoy scrolling through an endless sea of mildly amusing animated gif’s. I know I did.

2. Quentin Jones – Miley

Normally I would never allow Miley Cyrus anywhere near anything I post, however I’m making an exception for this intriguing collaboration between Quentin Jones and Cyrus. Jones’ film offers a different perspective on the often caricatured pop star, and his visuals seem to give a glimpse at what Cyrus could be with the aid of a better, more sophisticated production team. The video has its fair share of WTF moments thanks to Jones’ skillful editing, my personal favorite of which is Cyrus coming undone at the hip as she twists around black layered lines. NSFW.

3. Hawk House – Chill Pill

Some fresh UK hip-hop with a video to match right here courtesy of Hawk House and Thomas Razi respectively. Razi’s use of motion throughout the video pairs perfectly with the smooth flow of the lyrics throughout “Chill Pill” creating an ambient visual and aural atmosphere for the audience.

4. Boody & Le1f – Soda

Probably the most WTF video in the lineup this week, this one has me feeling some type of way…very uncomfortable. Judging from the video, Boody and Le1f have joined forces on “Soda” in order to baptize people in an oddly erotic stream of frothy high-fructose laden glory. NSFW. You have been warned.

5. Zeds Dead – Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy)

Although I usually focus on the visuals presented in these videos, I want to take a quick second to discuss the audio. Disclosure’s explosion into the mainstream has paved the way for dubstep artists like Zeds Dead to produce deep house/future garage hybrids like this. This is one of many signs that the days of electronic music producers holding steadfast in their unwavering dedication to one genre are long gone, and I for one am extremely happy about this.

The video is nothing less than what you’d expect from Zeds Dead, providing the viewer with a shower of dripping, psychedelic colors juxtaposed over a few slightly disturbing images which all seem to be occurring at an abandoned water park in the middle of the desert. NSFW.

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