Humpday Treats! 07.02.14

Independence day may be the best Will Smith movie ever but it’s also a holiday marking America’s freedom. In true American fashion and to commemorate this joyous occasion (we all just drink a bunch, right?) enjoy these legally FREE musical gems to color your playlist. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! I believe…in Howard…and Howard only. Have a safe weekend y’all!

1. “Zygote” – XXYYXX

I’m not sure how to pronouce XXYYXX but that doesn’t matter because this song is sure to get you ready for the shenanigans you’re bound to get into this weekend.

2. “Feel the Heat ft. Rare Times” (Arnold Remix) – WEDIDIT Collective

The perfect track for the spectacle of fireworks you get to witness this week and probably for many weeks to come – the track’s slow build crescendos into a flawless breakdown.

3. “Flood You” – Mister Lies

Giving you a fair warning that “this ain’t a club track” because that trap shit is getting real old, real fast. If you want a break from the ordinary get lost in the multiple dimensions of sound sure to overtake your auditory senses.

4. “Put Your Records On” (Nehzuil Remix) – Corinne Bailey Rae

A new take on everyone’s favorite fro-rockin’ songbird, Nehzuil made the perfect choice of placing Corinne’s pitch perfect vocals at the foreground of this instrumental tour de force.

5. “Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me” – Tom Rosenthal

A satirical folk song urging Luis Suarez to not bite (side note: if you aren’t keeping up with all things World Cup related – what world do you live on? Participate with the majority you hippie because you’ll miss out on all the weird shit like this soccer player biting people!) download now because “we all get hungry.”

Woah, what do we have here am I feeling extra generous today? Nah just super American, one more for FREEDOM!

6. “Fall in Love” (p. Moods) – Jahkoy

If you’re tired of Justin Timberlake telling you to fall in love with him then vibe out to this multi-faceted track that has a little bit of everything: killer vocals, a rapper’s poetic speech and killer production.

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