Humpday Treats! 06.25.14

Yo! Time to shake those mid-week blues away with another edition of – yep, you guessed it – Humpday Treats! If you’re like me or any of the other 300k+ people who attended EDC this past weekend it’s time to drown out those incessant beats with a refreshing list of new music. Enjoy!

1. “Often” – The Weeknd

Sure to mellow you out with his soft vocalizations and haunting rhythms – grab this track while it’s still hot (and free).

2. “In the Air (SNBRN Remix)” – Morgan Page

Get your edm fix without blowing your sound system out! SNBRN’s re-work of this trance favorite will leave you questioning when your head started rocking along to the beat.

3. “Boyz N Blue (Jaycek Remix)” – Punk Trouble ft. Rell Rock

With the lyricism of the female powerhouse, Rell Rock at the forefront of this electronic symphony orchestrated by Jaycek – it’ll leave you “braggin’ about her flow.”

4. “Anaesthetic” – Thomston

After the weekend I endured I wish I were on an anaesthetic – especially if Thomston were there to administer it. The sensations are all there due to Thomston’s voice layered on top of brilliant production efforts.

5. “Syrup” – Stwo (HW&W Recordings)

This song will make you wish there was some syrup in your coffee mug but for now agave syrup and this track will have to do.

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