[Live] [Interview] Lily & Madeleine at The Troubador 06.14.14


Lily & Madeleine, the Midwest sisters, pierced through all the souls in attendance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last Friday. The venue that played host to rock legends such as Elton John and Bob Dylan caters perfectly to the indie folk duo Lily & Madeleine. Fold out chairs lined the first and second floors of the music hall giving the audience a laid back feel to the night’s performance.

A curious Madeleine peered out to the crowd through a window adorned on the second floor of the venue. As the two made their way to the stage their wavy locks, knit tops and delicate frames evoked a youthful nature. Introductions were made by the two smiling beauties and the first song “In the Middle” commenced the evening. Lily strummed away on her guitar as Madeleine harmonized with piano keys. Sharing the stage is cellist, Shannon Hayden, a remarkable addition of strings to this already lovely performance.

Transitioning smoothly into “And Tonight”, the girls simultaneously proclaimed: “I’ve come a long way to sing,” and urged the crowd, “I hope you’re listening.”

Before entering into their fourth song, “Devil We Know”, Madeleine announced that their next album will be released in the fall. Currently, as she so charmingly put: “It’s in post production. Going through a lot of technical stuff that I don’t understand.” The crowd couldn’t help but chuckle at her humble remarks but the room grew silent as the opening notes floated through the speakers.

Hard to believe that Lily is only 17 and Madeleine is 19, their talents prove to be far beyond the grasp of the typical teenager. As they gracefully exited the stage the audience’s applause could be clearly audible from the second floor waiting room Lily and Madeleine walked up to. The crowd’s cheers ceased as the sisters walked back onstage to perform a cover of the song “Sea of Love.”

The beautiful rendition of the Cat Power favorite left everyone speechless gazing towards the duo who seemed to create an angelic glow with every lyric they so carefully sang.

After the show I had a quick chat with the petite singer/songwriters and they were ecstatic about their West Coast tour. Check their Facebook page to catch the next show in your area:


Mxp: What got you two in the music scene together?

Madeleine: It was all by chance, being sisters and having similar voices – singing together came easy to us. We began to meet people in our hometown of Indianapolis. Paul Mahern, a producer, was introduced to us and he helped develop our skills and sound.

Mxp: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Lily & Madeleine: Folk, pop, singer/songwriter. We have a new album coming out in the Fall that has more of a rock/pop feel to it.

Mxp: I listened to your album and really enjoyed it, what would you say was your favorite part about making the album? The most challenging?

Madeleine: Our EP was our first project and making a full-length album gave us a second chance of including what we wanted. The challenging part would have to be the time crunch of trying to get it released. It took a total of 13 hours writing time for this album.

Mxp: I’m really excited for the show in Los Angeles on Friday, have you ladies been out to LA before?

Madeleine: It’s our first time out in Los Angeles and we’re really honored to play at the Troubadour! We read that Elton John used to hang out there so we’re really looking forward to it.

Mxp: I see you ladies wrapped up an East Coast tour, any memorable moments or favorite performances?

Madeleine: We played in New York City at Joe’s Pub and it was raining so hard that it was difficult to maneuver through the city but it’s a beautiful venue. The crowd was amazing because we had friends and some of our idols in attendance.

Mxp: What’s on your playlist at the moment?

Lily: I’ve been listening to the Black Keys’ album and I’m really looking forward to the new Lana Del Rey album.

Madeleine: I like the new Beck album and I’m also looking forward to the new LDR album.

Mxp: One last question – if you had any superpower what would it be and why?

Madeleine: That’s a great question

Lily: I would pick flying so I could make traveling a lot easier.

Madeleine: I would want the ability to split my voice into two so I could be able to sing harmony with myself.

Sure to set your mind at ease with their synchronized harmonies and ethereal acoustics – with Lily on the guitar and Madeleine on keys – pick up their self-titled debut right now, seriously go get it.


Tamara studies Journalism at Cal State Northridge but she doesn’t pay too much attention because her brain wanders towards the chords of Vampire Weekend songs, the identity of John Snow’s parents and costco pizza. She blogs here and tweets @tafreaky.

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