Humpday Treats! 06.18.14

In this extra special exclusive segment of Humpday Treats I give you a playlist of (completely legal) free downloads! Oh wait, I do that every week…enjoy!

1.”They Talked About Jesus” – G-Unit

G-G-G-G-Unit! Do I sense a comeback on the rise? If so, this track should be at the forefront of their resurrection.

2. “Ocarina” – Black Tiger Sex Machine

Yo, anything that has to do with the best Zelda game ever needs an honorable mention. Black Tiger Sex Machine even sampled Navi, Link’s fairy companion, urging you to “Listen.” This track takes the ocarina’s sweet tunes and amplifies them x10.

3. “Riddim #1” – Promnite x Falcons

This “riddim” is sure to get you out of your seat and have you shaking your hips faster than Busta Rhymes’ vernacular.

4. “No Control” – Bro Safari x UFO! x Beauty Brain

Equal parts trap, house and heavy bass this is one eccentrically produced hit that will hype up all of those ravers heading to EDC in Las Vegas this weekend! If you couldn’t cop a ticket then share in the festivities from the comfort of your bedroom, speakers loud and this song bumpin’.

5. “Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)” – Alina Baraz ft. Esta

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Vandal’s masterful production efforts paired with the dreamy vocals of Alina Baraz transports you to the paradise this song is named after.

Tamara studies Journalism at Cal State Northridge but she doesn’t pay too much attention because her brain wanders towards the chords of Vampire Weekend songs, the identity of John Snow’s parents and costco pizza. She blogs here and tweets @tafreaky.

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