Humpday Treats! 06.11.14

Salutations on this be-u-ti-ful Wednesday to all those in the blogosphere! Are you sick of the same old songs on your playlist? Need a refreshing dose of musical treats? Look no further than down below for some of the best FREE songs to add to your music library.

1. “When Will The Bass Drop (Slander Festival Trap Edit)” – Sam F ft. The Lonely Island & Lil Jon

This remix of The Lonely Island spoof by Slander is sure to make you turn up to death!

2. “Somebody New (SaneBeats Remix)” – Jakwob

SaneBeats accomplished the daunting task of remixing a Jakwob song and it definitely delivers. The vocals paired with the bass heavy beats leaves a lasting impression on the listener as they click the replay button.

3. “Drowning (Love Thy Brother Remix)” – Banks

Vibe out to the carefully laid out track sure to guide one’s mind out of the office and onto white sandy beaches.

4. “Marquez (Ozoh Remix)” – Spazzkid

An upbeat song that mixes an infamous fast food chain’s slogan and layers of beats simulating a Super Mario game.

5. “Need Love” – The Geek x Vrv

A brilliant production pairing a killer sample with a head bobbin’ track makes for a winning combination sure to freshen up your played out playlist.

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