[Song] Y LUV – Driftin

After a night of shenanigans (peep my MIA review) driving home at 8 am listening to the Heidi and Frank show YLUV’s singer Freddy Spacer spoke nonchalantly of the struggles an upcoming band in Los Angeles must face. Spacer shared with the morning commute the trials of being a driver through the mobile app – Lyft in order to make ends meet. As the song “Driftin” commenced I instantly took a liking to it – I’m a sucker for killer piano ballads. I got upset with myself for judging a song before the vocals were introduced but just as I began to bemoan my existence the sharp trickles of Freddy’s spellbinding speech took hold of my drifting mind. Keep this supreme example of a powerhouse act in your radar because Y LUV is soon to emerge from the underground scene.

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