WTF Wednesdays #3

Taylor Barnes here with the third installment of WTF Wednesdays. I just celebrated my birthday, so I think I earned a little break, so I’ll let you enjoy this bounty of videos without the usual amount of my various musings.

1. Brooke Candy – Everybody Does

Chameleons? WTF?!

2. Joy Wellboy – Flush Me

Hummus. That is all.

3. Venice Calypso, Jack France – Buck 4 Ya Dollar

Venice Calypso is a friend of a friend. Not really sure WTF is happening here, but I like it.

4. Spooky Black – Without You

Someone should make a Tumblr called “White People Wearing Du-rags”.

5. Riff Raff – Versace Python Freestyle

Yes, Riff Raff just did cocaine on Youtube. Although this video doesn’t have the same visually shocking aspects as the others, I think the WTF here is more a question of WTF is Riff Raff doing? I find myself wondering about the answers to this question quite often. Rumor has it that the finalized version of this song will appear on Riff Raff’s debut album Neon Icon.

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  1. Spooky Black is my shit

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