Humpday Treats! 06.04.14

It’s that time of the week again where a giant camel walks through the office asking everyone what day it is. No, it’s not just Wednesday – it’s Humpday! A day to reflect on the work that hasn’t been touched and to celebrate the coming weekend ahead. Download these FREE handpicked jams for the perfect soundtrack to your mid-week blues.

1. “Hella Good (Dr. Fresch’s Summer Revival Remix)” – Dr. Fresch

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If you can get past the overly drawn out title then this remix will prove to be a funky take on the classic No Doubt hit.

2. “lurkdynamites.comeback” – J’Von & LAKIM

Free download via SoundCloud
Set to a sax-heavy, drum tappin’ beat reminiscent of a 1940s jazz club – Lakim’s producer credit paired with J’Von’s lyrical prowess gives me hope for the future of hip hop.

3. “Make Me” – Prinze George

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A pop ballad and a sweet voice makes it hard to believe that Prinze George is giving away this song for free.

4. “Dry” – Jungle Doctors

Free download via SoundCloud
A unique voice sings over the beachy melodies and leaves one wondering the locale that these Doctors hail from. Give this song a listen and it’s sure to transport you to a paradise full of indie boy bands and luau’s.

5. “My Love” – Andru

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To cap this week’s humpday treats playlist is a rework Andru conducted of the pop hit “My Love” by N*Sync heartthrob, Justin Timberlake. (If you don’t know who N*Sync is, then you’re probably too young to read the next sentence). Andru’s version is a baby making panty dropper with it’s dense layering of syrupy goodness.

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